10 years in business Real, professional, and complete website templates. The most features and page layout options built-in. A truly mobile-ready website solution. Our products include HTML5. CSS3, Responsive, Bootstrap, and jQuery Website Templates for PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Adobe CS, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Azure and practically any other code editor. Each template is pre-designed and used for fast, high-quality website development.

Templates are fully structured documents according to HTML standards without compromising the look-and-feel of the page. Search Engines reward pages that are well structured, though many designers choose to ignore standards and guidelines as much as possible, because these standards sometimes lead to dull pages. CSS designers now can create attractive pages with much grace and style, while adhering to principal code validation.

All our Website Templates provide for smaller file sizes and faster browser rendering. By taking styles out of the HTML page and putting it into a standalone, imported style sheet also referred as a .css file, you can reduce the overall amount of code in your web pages. Google prefers pages with less code.

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CSS provides creative editing possibilities, we provide stunning responsive web layouts that utilize these possibilities. Your sites display beautifully on all popular browsers and devices. Choose Bootstrap for Dreamweaver or any CMS editing package such as Joomla!, WordPress or OpenCart for Administration Panel ease.


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